A letter sent to someone thinking of bringing there bike to NOLA

HI, you mentioned that you were planning to bike in NOLA. It is an interesting city, and biking allows you to take it in.

It is a fairly flat city. While elevation changes, you don’t notice it, and the biggest hills are the levy’s and bridges. Depending on where you are planning to stay and go you may not encounter them.

We have one trail on the levy from the zoo up to baton rouge.

This city has some horrid roads, and many joke that you need a mountain bike to keep from getting flats. A few years ago, we had a bike map project map the city for smooth roads, traffic, and safety. This is what google has used to list bike routes. Some roads have been redone, and marked with bike lanes and shared lanes.

The drivers don’t necessarily respect bikers. They will tailgate, honk, and try to pass when they should not. The police occasionally enforce no bikes on bourbon, sidewalks, Jackson square, and disobeying other laws such as running lights, stop signs, and going the wrong way. — The last time I really heard of strict enforcement was after a critical mass when they as a group didn’t follow laws.

Drivers will often think that bikes should only be in designated bike lanes. Part of the lack of respect is the lack of respect earned by bikers. They are the worst here. We don’t use lights, wear dark clothes, ride the wrong way. and take up traffic lanes even while not riding with purpose.

I live way uptown, hang out in the Marigny i.e. the area between the lower ninth and canal street. I’ve ridden out to Chalmette a way off Redneck suburb (unlike what people say, its not really that far), and also up to the Huey p long bridge ( in the richer county of suburbs). As the city is built on a curve, and given my location, I don’t always follow google’s suggested routes, and do take public transit. Its not the best, but You can ride all day for $3. The busses can hold 2 bikes, and the street cars can’t hold any.

I hope that helps.

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