Religion (And Politics on the first date and in the workplace) — With a little tidbit on how your method of spreading your religion may be the cause of Gods rejection.

Ok, there are two things you don’t talk about. Politics and religion. Ok that’s at work, and on a date. (Yea yea passive speech in here)

So, on the first one, to anyone that may hire me, remember if you care about it, you talked about it somewhere. As such remember that while your money supports me, I support you. Its all an argument where points are made. If yours makes more sense, you win more votes. I just say what I say to make you think, and make a decision. Interestingly enough, I am a small guy I am not followed blindly or smartly by the masses. Thus, in general, because I am just making people think, buy product for product. I live close enough to the poverty level that any funds goes to prevent me from taking from the system. The only difference is that you got a service, product, or other benefit other than just knowing your dollars went to someone that needs them. ((NEEDED: Link to who am I))

Now, on the second one, religion….

On a first date, if you are compatible enough to go on a second date, your social, personal, and thus religious beliefs are at least somewhat close. Why? First, 3/4 of the US population is of Christian tradition. I like there term of tradition because while not practicing, they come of that persuasion, and while there are differences between different churches, there is a common history of which a common ground may meld you into a common ground on beliefs. The problem comes with someone so compelled that they speak of there religion. First, you are not going to convert me on a first date, and may even push me from your church for all future encounters. Second, not only have you lost a potential convert, you lost a potential life partner of love. (Yea, being PC — See a post on hating being overly PC ((LINK NEEDED)) ). If you want to let people know about your religion, wear a cross, say you got to get up for church in the morning, but make it your whole conversation all the time. Especially with someone not at your church. You can talk about an amazing parable the preacher told this week, or what the homily talked about. Just as you would a story in the paper.

On using “Life Partner of Love” vs. “Husband or Wife” A husband and wife are a life partner of love. If using that term is a turn off, you now know A: how preaching puts someone off, and B: how you can gain knowledge of compatibility from communication without mentioning religion.   (There is only a 5 character difference in terms only one addresses a larger percentage of the population) Either way, I may proved my point to those it matters to. In general, I have found that those that it matters to are also the ones that speak trying convert people — Thus the point being made.

In the workplace, the same things go.

First, unless it affects your business, its personal, and should not be a part of the business.

Second, just as with a person, sell your product not your religion. Yea, you get quick and easy marketing, but you get that just from socializing in your religious circles, and in reverse, you have just lost the business of the rest of the world. While I am sure you can say I do not want to be associated with the rest of the world, you also can not convert them. Just as with dating, unobtrusive a single cross on you or in the corner may be ok. Hosting a church meetup equally as other groups, and you are good. Starting with non-religious groups is probably a better way to start if you want to be welcoming.

I know, preach your faith, spread the word… the good news… The Gospel, your mission to convert all what is requested of by god. I must say that the way people preach is not conducive to conversion (Except of those doing the preaching – not sure if thats the best link, but it is interesting). Sometimes the best conversion is by example, by leading, by being one. If you are not converting, are or your methods what they are rejecting? In fact, are you the path causing a rejection of God and your “faith”. Jesus walked with the meek. Yes usually openly, but not forceful unless you count the temple.


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