Traditional Neighborhoods (New Orleans Style?)

I’d like to hear from some people living in Lee’s Summit’s new traditional neighborhood (well almost 8  years old now, so we have some outcome real life to talk about)



New Longview…. I thought was going to be more new orleans like… Some of the homes are, the yards are a bit smaller, and no front driveways (satalite view seems kinda like NOLA’s new Mixed income housing, but the homes are more $$$) See New Longview: Now like always, they push Traditional neighborhood …. homes and shops in a walking friendly area.

now if only there were some parts made like the FQ balcony area perhaps Tower Park (Blocks from New Longview) should have the limited access inner block like the quarter, and garages like perhaps like the saulet is perfect if they don’t want stores under the apartments. (I know land in Missouri is cheap, and cars are loved, but I hate the lots) — for lower income (Like tower park strives for) the style around Boettner Park/St Thomas area of NOLA is perfect.


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