a GREAT 24 hours…..

An interesting 24 hours…..¬† I ride out Esplanade — Get ready to park, but wait for a biker to pass. She turns around after I park … to make sure I’m parking?

On the return trip, two bikers are riding two abreast¬† in one of the few spots that I can pass. I end up finding enough room towards the end of the area, but I’m not so sure the two cars right behind are so patient.

Then today I go to park pop on my hazards, pull into the bike lane. (There was no one there, and I can’t afford to have a biker sneak up into my blind spot when I am trying to park) — Unfortunately, when I’m in reverse, some cab 0031(?) (White fleet?) tries to nose in….. I thought about pulling in as the spot was pretty big, but I did it right. Some truck … the guy that just pulled out, saw it, gave the cabbie an evil eye. Told me to not let him take it, and gave me a 30-40 minute parking slip.

Next I head to the post office. There are a bunch of pedestrians crossing the drive way… In preparation of a right turn, I pull into the right lane (right of the bike lane–the correct way). . .¬† That way cars and bikes can keep flowing while I prepare to turn. (I think I did this at coming from claiborne to esplanade as well — though there is no bike lane)

Oh yea, and I was in Saint Louis last week. Some lady was trying to pull out. Made three attempts to back out. till some car zoomed past. Once out, she stopped to wave before moving on. thank me more by keeping the traffic flow. (actually that has happened several times this week. I know people in reverse are “always at fault”, but you know what, that doesn’t make it right to just zoom by. I’m blocking traffic trying to wait for the spot, and the person in reverse CAN’T SEE…. If you are in a hurry, be careful out there, you may end up waiting 2 hours for the police. Some won’t even come on private property.

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