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Religion (And Politics on the first date and in the workplace) — With a little tidbit on how your method of spreading your religion may be the cause of Gods rejection.

Ok, there are two things you don’t talk about. Politics and religion. Ok that’s at work, and on a date. (Yea yea passive speech in here) So, on the first one, to anyone that may hire me, remember if you … Continue reading

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Gifts — What to buy or not buy (generalities & etiquette)

How do you know what to get your friends and family. This is for things like: Holidays, birthdays, and special events like graduation, baby showers, and milestones i.e. religious/personal/etc First, communicate… It solves a lot of issues. You want to … Continue reading

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NOLA Public transport (part 1 of 5 — RTA Call takers; non-staggered schedule; biking Across or through the crescent)

Ok, my car died in April, and I’ve been taking public transportation a bit more. Here is some things I’ve found out. Biking further out in the wheel/circle is not much longer than inside. I mean riding down magazine or … Continue reading

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