Claiborne flyover fix

Double white line begins before Pontchartrain Expressway ramp merges

I don’t know how many of you have noticed, but there is a double white line heading north on the Claiborne flyover that starts shortly before the Pontchartrain Expressway merges into Claiborne Northbound.

Notice The short Merge point, and that there are 3 lanes merging, with 2 lanes for I-10 & Claiborne gets its own lane (See lane change link)

Notice I say merges into Claiborne Northbound. Pontchartrain Expressway Lake bound has its own ramp to I-10 east. Pontchartrain Expressway River bound is I-10 at this point. There is a double white line telling people not to cross after Pontchartrain Expressway joins Claiborne. Plus, there is a sign on the right edge with an arrow saying I-10 Strait ahead…. NOT ANGLED LEFT.

Notice the short distance between the two ramps -- The reason for the double white line.

View from the vehicle merging. See how it could be a cluster #*!?, and accident waiting to happen.

The view back after continuing down Claiborne.

Instead, we have people crossing from the far right lane to the far left lane. Crossing the double white line and multiple lanes of traffic. This is extremely unsafe. That’s right, It is an accident/wreck waiting to happen.

I have called the state, city, and CCC (Cresent City Connection), and no one wants to own it. Within the past 12 months:

  • Under the Nagan administration NOPD says it crosses two wards, and the traffic division is not patrolling the highway. They will respond to specific incidents, but not a general traffic control issue.
  • They also said the State Highway patrol is not doing enforcement within the City of New Orleans. (Jefferson Parish always transfers saying I-10 is the HP’s Jurisdiction)
  • However, a suggestion was made to contact the CCC as they maintain and enforce the CCC bridge, Pontchartrain Expressway and all ramps leading up to and away from it all the way to 10. (and further as its still called the Pontchartrain Expressway?)

When I called the CCC, the police didn’t take my call, and the maintenance department said they could put up a sign. But there was no follow through on how to make it happen. There is still no sign.

There are 3 steps that can be taken to help fix the issue.

I believe a sign is the first step. Not everyone is aware that crossing the double white line is illegal, and others believe the line must be a relic as there is no enforcement, and everyone is doing it. Adding a sign will bring it to there attention and let them know its still in effect.

The second step is to do some enforcement. Only a few sessions of a few hours each scattered one week weaning down over a month/year will do wonders. Once initially enforced, only a few hours a year of random enforcement is all that would be required–mostly complaint driven. Yes its hard as there is not much space, but it’s possible:

  • Before the ramp flag people down.
  • Radio ahead and flag down after the merge.
  • Pursue via motorbike.

Third, permanent plastic traffic marker between the two lines of the double white line. (another sample)

Fourth, adjust the lane assignment on I-10 east and the Pontchartrain Expressway merge onto I-10. I discuss this in my I-10 East lane adjustment post.

Of course, this whole issue would be moot if there were a ramp from the Pontchartrain Expressway to I-610 East, and/or there were no Elevated I-10 Claiborne expressway bridge

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