From Minimum wage to Inflation, Deflation, Gold Standard and the welfare state that is not just welfare.

I over thought this a little. …

–I’ve seen studies on both sides of the issue, but I think that recent history has shown that the businesses often absorb the increases well, and the community benefits. after all income has not kept pace with inflation, and we have become a 2 income society.–

the gold standard keeps your currency and net value a bit more stable. With the stability, there is not really inflation. People banks/governments can’t just print more making it worth less. Thats inflation. Thats what caused germany’s hard times pre wwII (printing money to pay for ww I)
Brazil had an inflation problem so bad that the cost of eggs might go up a dime between breakfast and dinner…. and do that daily. Not just a fluctuation.

Deflation happens and is “bad” but that’s what any correction is thats what bubble’s bursting are. They are in fact very important. Keeping things in check. We micro manage so much that it has put off these self corrections. . . Though im not sure why we haven’t seen massive inflation (pergaps were distracted, and tech & effency inovatiins have lowered the costs for now, but yes, alternate business , work, income options may be needed too. Right now we have a double welfare state. First, actual welfare payments. Second, artifical industry. . . War, tax, law enforcement/legal. If we were not at constant war there goes 40% (?) Of our economy, take out the complex tax code, and you lose tens of thousands of irs workers, and double the number of lay specialists (accountants, attorneys, tax preparers, etc) take away the commercial legal system, and there goes thousands of jobs from jails to pages.

Will it lead to massive unemployment?
Will it lead to more innovation?
OR Less as people hold on to there ounce of gold vs invest it.
Will there be more community based support? (Currently community based is a big headache supporting the above mentioned lawyers, accountants, and tax system) Of course some people with money give because its a tax write off. With less taxes oh well. There was not an as many issues till the great depression. (10-30% is a general good range of the percentage of charity money that gets eaten up in route — surprisingly I thought it was the other way around — 10-3

From Raise the minimum wage

From Raise the minimum wage

0% according to lovetoknow dot com)

Has the whole world changed with industrialization, and we just have to come up with fake income, and artificial money/non-backed currency.

Perhaps in the end, with the right corrections, we would not need a 2 income household? Yes, we have a two income household with less couples. we have replaced it with roommates, and sharing. One might say that we are getting by on less than full time jobs. . .  unfortunately, instead of working “A” part time job, we are working 3 or 4…. if we can find them. When the president says he created 100,000 new jobs. How many of those employees can survive off of just one of those jobs.

Until the part time employer sees does not use part time employees as a way just to get out of paying benefits, we won’t get better. And if those employers even then just put people in a position where they are at the employers beckon call without pay things won’t improve.

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